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In the subconscious everything is real and anything is possible!

The Jeff Bibik Hypnosis Experience is a hilarious and amazing journey through the imagination. Jeff leads a group of audience volunteers on a wild ride of vivid imagination. They may believe they are race car drivers one moment and 5 year old kids the next moment. They may forget things they’ve known their entire lives, or speak at length on subjects they know nothing about. It’s human nature in action, and nothing is funnier than people!

It’s a great show as pure entertainment, but there’s much more to the Jeff Bibik Hypnosis Experience. Jeff demonstrates valuable relaxation techniques that the entire audience can begin to use at once to help sharpen their focus, concentrate better, make learning easier and make life more enjoyable! Hypnosis is a powerful tool that allows us to master our minds and unleash our full human power.

As you search for the perfect entertainment, you will find a wide variety of performers, but no one has the full time performing experience that Jeff Bibik does. Many references are available from the people who book Jeff year after year to insure the success of their event. His show is never in bad taste, and no one is made to feel foolish. Instead, Jeff’s audiences come away with incredible empowerment and a new sense of self. It’s great! That must be why he has been called “America’s Greatest Hypnotist”! 

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