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A Deed, an Action, a Word — it all begins
with a Thought......

Mentalism is the art and science of thoughts. 


Thoughts are the curse of humans., and yet they are also

our salvation, for all that has ever been created by humans

began with but a single thought.

Thoughts of the past, thoughts of the future, and new thoughts in the present moment. It is in the realm of our Psychic Powers, the unseen and little known portions of our beings. We are all in possession of ability far beyond those we choose every day:  we are all connected to a universal mind which knows all.

Jeff Bibik taps into that eternal flame with his amazing show, “What’s On Your Mind.” Developed over a lifetime mastering the mystery arts of Illusion, Sleight of Hand and Hypnosis. this show will simply stun you, as Jeff knows and reveals the thoughts of the audience!

A brief video from a USO performance in Bahrain

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